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IROVA Floor Cleaning Robot ProVac K3 (White)

RM 239.00 RM 499.00

Slim Height Profile - 5.5cm

ProVac K3 isguaranteed to be able to enter almost all furniture gaps for cleaning wheretraditional brooms have difficulty reaching.

Side Brush & Bottom Brushes

ProVac K3 SideBrushes sweeps edges and corners, while rotating Bottom Brushes providesweeping action.

Collected dirt &dust is stored in a large 600ml dustbin.

Optional Dry Mopping Included

ProVac K3 comes withoptional Dry Mopping cloth for additional cleaning solution. Install the MopPad Base underneath the robot machine before starting operation. Dry Mopping& Sweeping is operated simultaneously at the same time while cleaning!


Product Specifications :


: IROVA ProVac K3


: White


: 280mm (D) x 55mm(H)

Rated Power

: 7.2V @ 10W

Dustbin Capacity

: 600ml

Mop Surface Area


Battery Capacity

: 1500mAh, Ni-MH

Operational Time

: Up to 90Mins

Charging Time

: 5-6 hours

Charger Plug

: 3-pin BS1363(Type G)


: (1) Year manufacturer warranty for machine &

  (6) Months for rechargeable battery


Package Includes :

1 xIROVA ProVac K3 w/Side brush

1 xRechargeable battery (pre-installed)

1 xPower Adaptor / Charger

1 xTrailing Bar w/Dry Mop Cloth

1 xSpare Side Brush

1 xSpare Dry Mop Cloth


Spare Parts Available here :

IROVA ProVac K3 Product FAQ :