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Instant Hot Water Kettle 2.0L

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iDOVER Instant Hot Water Electric Kettle 2.0L


Hot water ready at your very touch

Traditional kettlesrequires time to boil its liquid content. Why wait for hot water to enjoy yourdaily fresh brewed of coffee/tea? Instant Kettle provides you hot water thevery instant you press its button. Save your time and need never to wait for hotwater to enjoy your favorite beverage or instant noodles again.


Innovative & Energy Saving System

Instant kettle onlyboils water at your request On-Demand, you never have to re-boil water liketraditional kettles. It's Eco-friendly and helps to save your electricity bill.

Re-boiling watermultiple times is also detrimental for health especially if your water sourceis not filtered or treated sufficiently. When you re-boil water, compounds inthe liquid gets more concentrated and increases the risk of ingesting harmfullevels of certain chemicals.


How Does It WORK?

Taking the conceptof hot water shower, Instant Kettle allows users to pre-store room temperaturewater up to 2.0L in its jug. When you require hot water, the pre-stored wateris flowed into a heating chamber and hot water is instantly provided without delay.


Other Details

Removable drip trayprovided

3-Pin 13A Power plug


Product Specification :

Model : iDOVER JR163-A2

Colour : White

Dimensions : 295mm x 180mm x 308mm

Capacity : 2.0L

Power Rating : 2200W, 220V, ~50Hz

Warranty : (1) year manufacturer warranty


What's Included :

1 x iDover InstantHot Water Electric Kettle 2.0L

1 x Removable DripTray

1 x Detachable PowerCord