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I-ROVA S560 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

RM 699.00 RM 1,288.00

I-ROVA S560 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Sweeps, Vacuums and Mops

Auto re-charging and daily schedule function

4 intelligent clean mode: auto cleaning mode, spot  cleaning mode, Docking mode, schedule  cleaning mode

Voice reminder at the beginning of each successful function.


Product Specifications:-

Rated Power:30W

Input Voltage: 100~240V

Output Voltage: 20V 1000MA

Battery Voltage: NI-MH 14.4V

Battery Current:1500MAH

Charging Time: 2.5 – 3.5 Hr

Working Time: about 90 mins

Dust Cubage: 0.28 Liter

Size: 32 (D) X 6.5 (H) cm

Weight: 2.5 KG

Main Features:                                                                                               

Touch Screen and one touch key to clean, easy operation

Ultra-thin body(65mm)

Voice Remainder

Auto charging

Multi-functional remote control

Mopping function

Daily scheduling function: you can pre-set to let the robot clean the house according to your schedule, even when you are not at home

4 intelligent clean mode: auto cleaning mode, spot  cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling cleaning mode

Front anti-collision and anti-drop sensitive sensors

Two strong side brushes make cleaning more efficiently and thoroughly

1500mAh battery, charging 3.5 hours, work 90 minutes

suitable for home or office floors, woodiness floor, artificial plastic floor, waterproof carpet, ceramic tile, undercoat carpet


Package Includes:  

I-rova  robot vacuum                                                                                                 

remote controller x1   adaptor x1    charging base x1  

side brush x2            filter x2      Space isolator x1

battery x1     user manual x1