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Easy Floor Cleaning Microfiber 2 Sided Cloth Flat Mop with Build-In Brush

RM 9,999.00

Verimark Easy Wash Flat Mop


Strong Cleaning & Good Adsorption

Washable & Reusable up to a 100 times without loss of cleaning efficiency.

Prickly Orange Microfiber Cloth

- Provides strong dirt trapping properties even on uneven floorings

Smooth Grey Microfiber Cloth

- Provides good water adsorption leaving no water trails for fast drying


Sturdy Stainless Steel Handle


Easy Wash Mechanism


Flexible Head Swivel


Product Specifications :

Model : WYL-03B Flat Mop

Brand : Verimark

Total Handle Length : 130cm

Mop Pad Dimensions : 11cm width x 32cm length

Mop Cloth Surface Area : 332cm2

Material : ABS, HDPE, Steel/Aluminum Handlebar, Microfibre Mop Cloth

Warranty : (1) month warranty against manufacturing defects


What's Included :

1 x Flat Mop Stick Handle

1 x Flat Mop Head

1 x Prickly Micro-fiber Cloth Pad

1 x Smooth Micro-fiber Cloth Pad