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24K Half Bloom Genuine Gold Rose of Love

RM 9,999.00

24K Genuine Gold Rose of Love

Everlasting Rose, Everlasting Beauty

Gift your loved ones this everlasting beautiful rose made with 24K Gold Foil and Gold Plated Stem.

Authentic & Detailed Handcrafted

Each Rose is enclosed with 24K Gold certification, handcrafted down to the final touches.


Optional Choices

Gold Rose comes with either Half or Full bloom, with or without Clear Crystal Vase


Product Specifications :

Rose Petal Material : Gold foil

Rose Stalk Material : Gold-plated bronze

Full Length : 9.8 inches

Flower Total Weight : 10 grams

Flower Dimensions : 80mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 45mm(H)


Package Includes :

1 x 24K Gold Rose Half Bloom

1 x Gift Box

1 x Certificate of Authenticity